Welcome to Spiderweb Software, Inc. We are a small company, founded in 1994, that is dedicated to creating terrific games for Windows, Macintosh, and iPad. Our promises to you: big free demos, a money-back guarantee, and no DRM!


We are remastering the first game in the cult classic fantasy sci-fi Geneforge Saga. We have started a Kickstarter for Geneforge 1 - Mutagen, to tell the story of the Shapers, strange and secretive wizards with the ability to shape life to serve them. Watch in horror as your creations start to rebel and decide how deal with them. Use battle or trickery, join any of a multitude of factions, and experience one of the most unpredictable and open-ended fantasy role-playing games ever made.

We would love to make it with your help. A good ground-up remaster will take a lot of time and new art. We’ve created all sorts of Stretch Goals, Reward Tiers, and ways for you to give suggestions for how to improve the series. You can get listed in the credits, help make the game, and, once again, if you ever pirated our games, you can buy a rare Scroll of Piracy Absolution. Thank you for any support you can give!

Latest Releases

Queen's Wish: The ConquerorQueen's Wish Splash Art

You are deadbeat royalty of a mighty empire. At last, the Queen has given you power and freedom! The cost? You must rebuild her Empire. Will you? In this epic, indie fantasy adventure, you are free to explore, fight for fame and power, and shape the world as you choose. Escape into an unpredictable open-ended story and cunning tactical combat.

Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror is now out for Windows, Macintosh and iOS. Learn more or try out a big demo!

Avernum 3 Splash ArtAvernum 3 Splash Art

Escape into a wild, unclaimed land! At last, you have emerged from your underground prison, only to find that the surface world is being destroyed by plagues of bizarre beasts. Can you win a homeland for your people? Wander free through a huge world. Become a merchant, own a home, save the world!

Avernum 3: Ruined World is now out for Windows, Macintosh, and iPad. Learn more or try out a big demo!